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Conversations that support your life...

Humble Beginnings...

I never meant to have a business, just pay my bills for university. This basic need led me to fill out the paperwork in 1989 for my first and only business number, and with that, I launched my first company! I was 20 years old.

Now at midlife, I look back and see how rich my work life has been these last 30+ years. That business number has served me as my company morphed from doing policy research in health matters, to writing as a freelance journalist, to working as a strategic communications advisor, and finally, an integral coach. During that time, I moved across Canada, twice; I married and divorced; I raised two sons, single-parenting them through some pretty dark days, and learning to co-parent with my ex-husband along the way.


I’m now married to a man I adore, I have welcomed two step-children into my life, and buried my mother. I’ve shared heartache with my dad and grew that relationship into a friendship I didn’t know was possible. I’ve made friends, and lost some too.


Life has thrown me many curve balls and with each I’ve learned to keep my balance and build my boundaries. Healthy boundaries make life better for someone who cares as deeply about people, and life, as I do.


All of this experience comes to bear in my coaching sessions. Now in my 50s, with four grown kids and grandchildren blessing my life, I’m in a place of contented balance doing work I truly love.

In Service of Change...

In the more than a decade since I started coaching, I have worked with people from a variety of backgrounds in a variety of contexts - regular people facing life's changes, entrepreneurs seeking to grow and shift in their company, corporate leaders and civil servants seeking to grow their leadership competencies and emotional insight, even large organizations facing culture change - and I've loved it all.

It is an honour to sit with people as they examine their life to date, and begin to consider what they want next. Over the six months to a year we work together, we seek a way through the change of identity they are facing. All change forces us to look in a mirror and ask: "Who am I, now?" And sometimes, a coach can help them find that answer.

The one thing we can all count on in life is change.  But the one thing we rarely learn in school is how to handle change, and how to grow inner resilience.


It is my goal to help people I work with to develop skills to handle change and grow resilience. And core to that is understanding who we are, and articulating the things we value, both of which feed into how we view the world. Together, these things create our North Star, which gives us some sense of where to go when change feels too big to handle. 

It is my honour to support you as you sift through what's needed in the face of change. Get in touch and let's talk about what you need, now.

my approach

my company

my promise

  • I believe we are all able to grow and change.

  • I believe that change comes from within us. It's who we BE, not what we do, that matters.

  • I believe in, and am trained to take, an Integral approach to coaching people.

  • I believe in the innate capacity of people to be joyful, and that being joyful will transform our experience.

  • I incorporated in 2013.

  • I coach over ZOOM, by phone, and in person. This extends my reach from around the corner to around the world.

  • Life can tie us in knots. I will work with you to untie the knots you’ve tied yourself into.

  • I will listen deeply to what you are saying.

  • I will hold you to account with gentle, consistent pressure… with grounded kindness.

  • I will model kindness and non-judging so you can treat yourself, and others, in the same way.

Training never stops…

Education & Training:

  • BAH 1991 (Queen’s University, Kingston, ON),

  • MA 2001, in Journalism (Western University, London, ON)

  • Professional Coach Certificate 2013 (New Ventures West, San Francisco, CA USA)

  • Enneagram – too many classes to mention (a model for personality)

  • EQi and EQ360 certified (emotional intelligence assessments)

  • Coaching Circles certified (a tool for helping teams self-coach)

  • Every year, there is something more to learn

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