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Growth is only possible with some discomfort.

It’s how you know you’re moving into something new.

We’ll explore a few questions like:

  • How do I get in my own way?

  • What's been important to me all my life but I just never paid attention before?

  • Why does all this matter now?

  • Where do I find joy and how that does affect my experience?


I meet with people first before deciding to work together. If you’re ready to book a complimentary introductory session or if you’d like to chat to discuss your needs, please get in touch. I’d love to hear from you.

My rates are competitive but accessible for most budgets; please contact me to discuss.

Sign-up for your complimentary, introductory session >>

Here are some things I know to be true, and that provide a foundation to my coaching:

  • All change is an inside job. Self-awareness is the first step towards meaningful change.

  • We are born kind.

  • We all have a genius body that tells us stuff. We’ve just forgotten how to listen.

  • Your breath is the pathway to finding balance.

  • Emotions are signposts – they bring wisdom and insight if we learn to listen.

Frequently asked questions

What happens in our fit session?

We spend some time together and you tell me what’s up for you, how you think I can help. You get a sense of if you think you can trust me, and I get a sense of how open you are to change and if I can bring anything to the table to help. We both then agree to work together, or not, as we feel. I refer freely to other coaches if the fit isn’t right for me. In coaching, fit matters. This meeting is complimentary.


What should I expect from a coaching session?

I follow a predictable process with all my private clients:

  1. Intake discussion and assessment related to the issue at hand. This includes exploring with their enneagram type, and any other assessment that seem useful.

  2. Purpose-built Development Plan that guides our discussions.

  3. 8-12 sessions of 60-90 minutes each, every 2-3 weeks, typically complete within six to twelve months.

  4. Homework is required between each session. Homework is an “invitation” where you choose to engage, or not. Doing your homework, by doing it as provided or adjusting to make it your own, directly affects your development. Not doing your homework means we’ll be having a conversation about engagement… what am I missing? Why are you not engaged in your development?

  5. Honest conversation guided by integral methodology that supports you in making a shift in your way of being that is both regenerative and durable.

Your confidentiality is assured; it's a necessary component of doing this work together.

Why do you call yourself an “integral coach”?  What does that mean?

The idea behind Integral coaching is simple – we are all whole people; and so working with an integral coach means working with all aspects of your life. While we might be looking at one aspect of your life, one specific issue or concern, we do so with consideration of the whole of who you be. Sometimes this means we meander a bit around issues and topics that may not seem related, but trust me, there’s intention and reason behind what we’re talking about that will emerge, with time.

Why do I need to do invited homework?

Homework is how we change. We need to pay attention to our patterns and practice new ways of being in order to have any shot at changing our habitual ways of being ourselves.  I call it “invited” because you always have a choice to do it or not. If you don’t do it, then I get curious about how that came to be and we’ll explore more to find the right things for you. You always have a choice. And if you decide to not take up the invitation to change, then perhaps now is not the right time for this work together. And that’s ok too.


How long will it take to see results in my life?

Depends on how committed you are to seeing changes. Typically, people work with me for 6 months to a year, sometimes longer. They often see traction after 4-6 sessions, as long as they are committed to seeing change happen. My goal is durable and regenerative change. Durable change that holds after we’re done together; regenerative in that you have the tools to see yourself more clearly and get curious about how to effect change based on what we’ve done in our work together. And the freedom to come back if you need more support.

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