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Come, let’s meander together...

The world is fast paced, and change is everywhere. I started this podcast on joy when the pandemic first started. To be honest, in those early days, I’d been looking for the grown-ups. You know, those leaders who, when faced with difficulties, seem to know what’s needed and are able to get change started in the right direction.

In my wondering, I forgot to ask myself one of the most powerful coaching questions I know: “What’s MY part?”

This podcast IS my part…

I’m using my storytelling-in-radio skills alongside my coaching mindset to act as a light house… showing a path forward for living from a place of joy.

My podcast, called “Meanderings with Trudy,” seeks to do that. Weekly, I interview people I know, regular people, and give them space and time to tell their story about what lights them up and how they live in that place, maybe not all the time, but some of it.


I also talk with experts like my friend Angie Arendt of Big Stone House and talk about the ingredients of joy, seeking to uncover some wisdom as we meander about. 

And I occasionally collect some sounds from nature - the sound of the wind in the trees, a creek burbling along, or the ocean pounding the shore -  and I offer those to listeners. I believe connecting to nature is good for our soul. And it adds to our sense of joy, at least it does for me. 

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I hope you’ll have a listen, even subscribe wherever you get your podcasts.

When you visit, “Meanderings with Trudy,”  click on the "Listen and Subscribe" button to choose your preferred podcast feed, and to subscribe.

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