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Guiding you through life's transitions...

Conversations that support you in making a shift in your life.

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As a coach, I specialize in working with people as they find their way through life transitions.


A life transition includes any change in your life that challenges who you see yourself as, things like: envisioning retirement; changing professions; kids leaving home, and so much more. All these kinds of changes can cause you to pause as you feel a shift in yourself, and you begin to get curious about what is next. 

When you find yourself at a crossroads like this, it's a good time to explore working with a coach.


I believe that all change is an inside job, and that we all have the capacity to change and grow. Change can make us feel uncomfortable, and so getting used to that feeling is also part of this journey... all in service of finding our way into what feels right, now.

Contact me for a preliminary chat about what you need and we'll see if I can help. 


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In service of finding what feels right

Always, I first meet with potential clients before we agree to work together. Over coffee and as we talk, I look for fit, openness to being coached, and if their issue is something I have some experience coaching in. I refer freely to other coaches if the fit isn’t right for me. This meeting is complimentary, and at the end, we both can choose if we want to work together.

I work with people on many different issues – although most have to do with transitions. Your confidentiality is assured; it's a necessary component of doing this work together.

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Once we decide to work together, we will follow this path:


Intake discussion 
and assessment


development plan


8-12 sessions
60-90 minutes each


Homework between
each session


that support your inquiry

…amazing people who have trusted me

Some amazing people have trusted me with their stories since I began coaching almost a decade ago. Their feedback proves to me I’m doing something right.

In their own words…

Alexa Young, CA

“If you are in transition, then you have an opportunity to break free of what is holding you back. During a period of immense transition Trudy helped me identify and connect to what was behind the behaviours and patterns that had been driving my choices – my whole life as I came to realize. Now I am able to navigate my present and future choices with clarity and confidence, free of fear.”

my stories

I love writing and sharing with people my experiences... of life, and of coaching people. These stories will show you what I do, how I do it, and give you a sense of if you can see yourself working with me.

Have a read, and if any of this helps you on your journey, wonderful! And if it beckons you to explore your life further, great! And if you think I would be the right coach for you, let me know and we'll talk about next steps.

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my podcast

I’m using my storytelling-in-radio skills alongside my coaching mindset to act as a light house… showing a path forward for living from a place of joy. 

My podcast, called “Meanderings with Trudy,” seeks to do that. Every week, I interview people I know, regular people, and give them space and time to tell their story about what lights them up and how they live in that place, maybe not all the time, but some of it.

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